Monday, October 2, 2017

OCtober has arrived!

Hard to believe how fast this year has gone, but OCtober has arrived.  No, that's not a typo.  On the 30 Day Thread at The Shave Den we normally have a monthly theme.  For this month, it's open comb razors, hence the OC in OCtober.  It's not something anyone has to participate in.  The 30 Day Thread is there for people to learn how to shave, to perfect technique and just to have a good time.  But having a theme helps remind us to break out the gear we may sometimes ignore and get familiar with it again.  I have a pretty nice selection of open combs, though not the largest by any means.

From left to right the Durham Duplex straight razor, 1918 Gillette Old Style, Gillette New LC as replated by Delta Echo Razor Works, a Gem Micromatic Open Comb (MMOC), a Fatip Piccolo, and the Durham Duplex DuBarry safety razor.  

I'll be using all of these at some point this month.  The brushes shown are my synthetics.  The one on the left is handmade by one of the guys on the 30 Day Thread.  He made a limited edition brush for some of us in the group.  It features a synthetic Tuxedo knot.  The center brush is another handmade one by Jayaruh at The Shave Den.  He is quite talented and has brushes available for adoption, as he likes to put it.  This one features a Maggard synthetic.  The final brush is from Stirling Soap Company with another very nice Maggard style synthetic knot.

For my soaps I'll be rotating through my collection.  I started last night with Mitchell's Wool Fat and will use a variety of different soaps as the month progresses.  Should be a good time!


  1. OCtober has been a fun month. I will finish off with my Hofritz travel razor. It has a head similar to an Old Type.

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  3. I would suggest you go with foil shaver since it is good to work for most of cases.



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