Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Life and Times of a Shaving Addict

It's strange to think that shaving would ever become something that was more than 10 minutes of my day.  I remember as a young teen about to embark on my first adventure with my very own razor, that my Dad, while supportive, made a comment that has stuck with me for its honesty.  Here are his words as I remember them.

"Are you sure you want to start?  Because once you start you never quit."

In that statement was the clear idea that my Dad saw shaving as a chore.  Something you had to do and that you could never have a time when it wasn't in front of you to take care of.  Of course, that was in the early 1970's and it was expected that men were clean shaven and all of that.  Only hippies and lazy people didn't shave every day.  And, even though society has changed significantly in its opinion of men's grooming, the norm is still the clean shave, or neatly trimmed beard, or moustache.

And so, yes, we are still on that treadmill of grooming.  For me, though, along with many others, it isn't necessarily a grind.  But, it took an escape from modern tools and methods and a return to the past to discover what shaving really is and how it can be a magnificent part of our day and our experience. 

Yeah, I know.  Sounds hipster to some.  Crazy to others.  But hopefully this blog will help shed some light on the practice of shaving and why going back to traditional methods not only provides for something of interest and benefit, but also benefits our health and finances and even impacts positively on our environment.

This blog will be filled with a number of things.  Hopefully a lot of information that can serve as a catalog of information for others.  And some ramblings about favorites or just ideas that occur to me.  There are certainly some other great resources that can be accessed too including my favorite website, The Shave Den.  The forums on TSD are marvelous repositories of knowledge and help for those exploring traditional shaving as well as just being fun places to chat and kill some time.  The thread you'll find me on almost exclusively is the 30 Day Rule and Focus thread for the month.  It's in the Shave School forum if you look it up.  Hopefully you'll join us over there and get involved in the day to day discussions that range from technical specs on razors to how our three year old knocked over the TV.  It's a fun ride.

You can contact me if you have questions or suggestions and feel free to leave comments.  The only limitation would be to keep it relatively on topic.  This blog is a shaving blog.  No politics, religion or other stuff that divides.  There are other places for that.

Have a marvelous day!


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  2. I love this sport. After years of collecting and honing my shaving skills, I use them all, SE, injectors, DE, and straights. I face lather exclusively, and I use only cold water from the tap. I look forward to my morning shave. I look forward to your posts, Neal.

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