Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pardon My Reboot!

After many months of being ignored I'm finally back around full circle on the blog.  A lot happened over the past months and most of it was good.  Life gets busy and ideas that seem great at the time sometimes get shoved aside.  Well, it's time to put this one back on the center burner.

Welcome back, or welcome for the first time, to the Shave Fanatic!  All things traditional shaving is the topic here from razors, brushes, blades, soaps, technique, history, modern stuff, you name it.  If it's about shaving it will be discussed.

I hope to hear comments from you when you like something I write here.  Or, if you disagree I also hope you'll speak up.  I'm not afraid of a little discussion and as subjective as shaving is, there's plenty of room for that.

So here we go!  Shave Fanatic 2.0!

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